Free Personalization
Free personalization has been a staple of Mother Moose products for 27 years now. We highly recommend personalization as it adds value to our products and is available with most of our designs. Please check our order form or call us direct if you have questions regarding personalization availability on different products.

New! All of our figurines can now be personalized. Add trees and cabins which can be personalized to create the perfect merchandised set.

Family Charm ornaments are a line of Mother Moose products that are specifically designed to be personalized with family names and dates. These are a great product for families since each ornament can be customized to fit the individual families and then personalized. We strongly recommend personalizing with people's names and dates at the point of purchase to peak your sales and maximize your profit. But if that doesn't fit well into you store you can always offer pens and our personalizing instructions for the customer to take home and personalize themselves. You can click here to view a sample of the customer personalization instructions. If you would like more detailed personalization instruction click here for PDF copy.

For personalization we ask there be a maximum of 20 letters. Personalization requiring more than the 20-letter maximum is subject to approval and a 25-cent per piece up charge.

Here are some different personalization examples:

Picture showing personalization