Living in Jackson Hole, Peggy and Larry Kupper developed a passion for the outdoors and wildlife. One day Peggy decided to make some whimsical wood animal ornaments for a local craft fair, for more fun than anything else. The wildlife ornaments sold like crazy and it quickly became apparent that there was a larger market for these fun loving creations. Hence the Paws 'N Claus ornament line was created by Mother Moose in 1986. It originally started around the kitchen table but quickly they moved the operation to the garage and a few ornament crafters were hired. Larry managed the business and Peggy provided the innovative new product designs. All ornaments were handmade and hand painted being sold at local stores. Mother Moose flourished with its unique whimsical designs. In 1994 Mother Moose needed to make a change so that they could keep up with demand. Jackson Hole no longer fit their business needs and a move to Missoula, MT ensued. Business in Missoula was strong and in 2000 it was decided to out source to better meet customer needs. Mother Moose is now in its 30+ successful year of business and continues to design quality gifts that people love and treasure.

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